Exploring Virtual Data Rooms’ Cutting-Edge Features

Nowadays, technology has made it easier to communicate with people from all over the world. In business, it created a system where organizations can participate in real-time, making it easier for them to work. Keep reading to explore the virtual data rooms’ cutting-edge features right now!

How to protect the sensitive information of your company?

The enterprise, as a rule, is quite well equipped with modern high-speed computer systems, and data exchange is carried out through networks with adequate performance, while the access networks of regional offices, small branches and especially terminal nodes are slow and not sufficiently sophisticated. The use of proven approaches in the management of the quality of the development and implementation of large production software systems agreed-on key parameters with network computer data exchange technologies, significantly increases the predictability of projects, reduces financial and resource costs, and most importantly – the risks of disrupting the rhythm of work of enterprises.

That is, threats to the preservation of information in databases can arise not only from the outside but also from the inside by legal users. The most typical example is the downloading of a database by a system administrator before dismissal or the theft of a database by an employee who has access to it in connection with job duties. Thus, regardless of the level of security of information access channels, as long as paper and pen exist, one cannot be absolutely sure that the security of databases meets corporate requirements.

That is why modern virtual datarooms have file permissions that you can set to keep information out of the wrong hands and prevent inside information from leaking to team members. For the correct interpretation and reproduction of an electronic document, data room providers are required, which can become morally and physically obsolete over a long period of storage of an electronic document.

The most cutting-edge features of the data room providers

The business finally understands the importance and value of data management, and therefore the company has already started implementing reactive measures to build sustainable processes in working with information. Data exchange already takes place between departments within the organization, but the level of compliance with the generally prescribed rules is quite low. Because of this, errors often occur, and the results of Big Data analytics do not satisfy all the needs of managers.

Among the most cutting-edge features of the data rooms are the following:

      Upload sensitive documents to separate corporate client service to quickly, easily and securely share them with your clients.

      Each software can be configured and used to store and share any type of document or image.

      Use the VDR to communicate more efficiently, and effectively with customers, employees, stakeholders or external third parties.

      Analysis of documents in real-time.

      Protect shared files with passwords and email address verification.

      Automatic access control with the ability to approve browser and domain lists.

      VDR data exchange takes place according to the principle of E2E encryption using secure transport protocols SSL or TLS, which ensures maximum security of data exchange between the server and the agent, protecting them from MITM attacks.

In addition, VDR is a great example of how to gain value by targeting information to specific users and then integrating portal applications with the underlying ERP system and data warehouse.

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